About Us

When I was in undergrad at Temple University in Philadelphia, I did a strange thing in my junior year. I temporarily abandoned my course work in Philosophy and lept into the Dance Department, hands and feet, adding another two years to my stay, and ultimately achieving my Bachelor's Degree in both. At the time it felt schizophrenic to be moving back and forth from a highly theoretical pursuit to one of pure physicality and creativity. It wasn't till years later, when I arrived at John F. Kennedy U.'s School of Consciousness Studies in Northern California for their Master's Program in Holistic Health, that it all began to make sense.

There I learned that everything is intricately connected, and that for instance, our physical state can be affected by things like environment, and that our emotional state can be affected by a larger picture of our life's purpose, i.e., the spiritual. I also learned that healing doesn't always look the way we expect it to and I learned that our belief systems and how we've decided to cope with the world are literally written all over our body and our posture!

This study ultimately led me to a post-grad year at Harvard University in the Department of Medical Anthropology, sitting at the feet of such greats as Arthur Kleinman and Byron Goode, which provided a look at how various cultures define and view "health", as well as what they suspect as sources of "dis-ease". Some peoples ascribe to germ theory, while others see illness as a sign of "soul loss" or weakened energy. A decade ago a new teacher passed through my life, from the other side of the pond in Dublin, Ireland. Derek O'Neill, a psychotherapist turned avatar, received the Rising Star Energy that I am now able to transmit to others. And most recently, in the past couple of years, I've had the honor and privilege of studying with Gary Douglas, founder/creator of Access Consciousness. My humble thanks to them all, along with my energy mentor extraordinaire, Leonie Jones, for helping to shape the person I continue to become. One of my thrills in life is knowing that "I don't know what I don't know" and then step by step having more pieces of the puzzle revealed to me!! Teachers play such an important role in our lives and I am blessed to have encountered such varied and brilliant ones on my path.

All that I do is informed by all that I have learned, experienced and know. Therefore, even when I'm working with someone on a physical level, I cannot help but look at the other aspects. And vice versa. It's how I see the world.

All of my teachers, named or unnamed, have taught me one thing through different words: if you stand in the center, all points are equally accessible. That center is the Heart. I try at all times to live and move from there. And on a good day, I actually achieve it.