Pilates (Pih-LAT-ees) With continual focus on core stabilization, the effects are a sleek, streamlined and contoured musculature with obvious increases in strength and flexibility. Excellent for any age, body type or fitness level, it is an excellent cross-trainer and corrective technique for imbalances caused by overuse injuries, trauma, or age.

Fitness Training A focus on education the client can take to the gym or home with an emphasis on postural alignment and safe technique.

Weight Loss and Food Choice Consultation A personalized exploration into what works and doesn't, while incorporating individual food preferences and addressing emotional eating or anxiety-based hunger.

Spiritual Counseling Life review with an eye to how our trials, as well as joys, fit into the larger picture and using these insights to further our evolutionary path.

Therapeutic Massage An eclectic mix of many modalities from Shiatsu and Swedish to Deep Tissue and Energy Work for stress reduction and detoxifying.

Rising Star Healing System Raises the vibration of the human energy field and can be a dramatic life changer. Going straight to the Source, this channeled energy rejuvenates the body on all levels, removing old habits and addictions, healing physical and emotional trauma and works on all levels -- spirit, soul, blood, skin, cells, burning away anything that is not in alignment with your Purpose and Truth. Done in three sessions 21 days apart.

Prema Birthing During this beautiful and loving healing, the individual is rebirthed on all planes, cutting the old cord to the physical mother while keeping the cord to the Divine Mother intact. All contracts and "negative" programs, as well as traumas, fears or feelings of rejection that were experienced in utero before physical birth are removed and a new life can begin, free of the former encumbrances which limited life choices and actions. Excellent for new beginnings or when one is feeling stuck in a rut.

Quantum Touch I have watched aches and pains dissolve, wounds heal, bones straighten and plants thrive through the use of this method. Animals love it, as my cat Dido will attest. A simple yet profound use of Divine Life Energy, relaxing and invigorating.

Space Clearing Our homes and offices hold energy that can affect our moods, our relationships and finances and by shifting this energy we are freed to move through our lives without these encumbrances.